Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Team Threatens NAFTA Establishment

In a startling development, a brand new team of NAFTA renegades has burst onto the International NAFTA scene. The brash, young rebels came out of nowhere today to record an almost impossible to believe score of 296 in Endurance NAFTA.

The Speed NAFTA record, which everyone knows is much more prestigious and difficult to achieve, remains in tact at 23.

Official NAFTA record keepers are still in the process of certifying the staggering score but from initial indications, 296 seems to be the new mark to beat.

NAFTAphiles, get ready. Breaking the Endurance NAFTA record just got a whole lot more time-consuming, tedious and repetitive.

No one knows much about the new record holders. But we do know this. They are cloaked in a cloud of vague mystery and shrouded in a hazy paradoxical cloud of riddles. Where do they come from? Where are they going? What are their deepest fears, insecurities and regrets? No one knows.

Perhaps we will never know.

Perhaps that is a good thing and we should be thankful.

But now, more than ever, in this confusing time of NAFTA chaos, disorder and upheaval, we must always remember the NAFTA creed:

"Be alert. The river of NAFTA is deep, winding, infested with crocodiles and piranha, dusted with a thin surface layer of pollution and around every turn are violent rapids and steep, rocky cliffs. Tread carefully. And always bring a buddy."


jen_hibbits said...

You guys are the biggest dorks ever. AND I love ya for it. Go NAFTA!

Johnny said...

I heard the 296 also broke the mark for coed NAFTA.