Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NAFTA Is Very Serious

What started as a fun, friendly game has quickly become a serious competition on the level of Scrabble Tournaments or Crab Races. NAFTAphiles from all over the world have been dropping everything to play NAFTA day and night in an effort to break the Endurance NAFTA record of 172.

So far, no one has accomplished the incredible feat and NAFTA experts do not expect the score to be topped any time soon.

"NAFTA is very difficult and very serious," said Bob Nerple, head of NAFTA-IS-FUN (The Nerf Action Football Throwing Activity Institute of Seriously Fanatic Unified NAFTAphiles). "It seems like 172 is an achievable number. But until you've been in that situation and dealt with the tremendous pressure involved, you have no idea what it takes. Plus, your arm starts to get really, really sore and it even kinda hurts a little. Oh, and the boredom. The boredom has claimed many a victim."

The 2nd-highest reported score was 135, which was achieved by a small tribe of NAFTA enthusiasts who seem to live by some sort of harbor and enjoy strapping patches of grass to their bodies, for unknown reasons.

What is known is that they take NAFTA very seriously and are not to be trifled with.

We also know that this hallowed record will be broken one day. The questions is:


and Where?

and, most importantly, Why?

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