Monday, June 11, 2007

Quantum Physics Disproven!!!

The NAFTA blog has received incontrovertible evidence that the most important law in Quantum Physics is actually false - thereby disproving Quantum Physics in its entirety.

Quantum Scientists previously thought it was impossible to achieve an Endurance NAFTA score of higher than 99.

But today, it was discovered a record of 172 has been achieved by two Chinese girls tossing nerf-style dolls and stuffed animals (of different sizes) back and forth.

Therefore Quantum Physics is all a big lie.

Lest you be taken in by the arrogant falsehoods of the scientific establishment, always remember the NAFTA creed:

"Somewhere out there, there are two Chinese girls who are better than you at everything."


Danielle said...

Damn Chinese girls, why do you haunt me so?

It wasn't enough for them to edge me out of pre-med but now they've got to take NAFTA too? What the hell is the world coming to???

On another note, they sure are cute!

Johnny said...

The logic makes sense to me!

Forest Bronzan said...

Interesting indeed. I'm wondering if perhaps there will ever be a 'blind-folded nafta' introduced into the arsenal of games. Think about it: two nafta players each with their eyes covered -- creating a significant test of trust and concentration.

If a record of 12 could be established I would be impressed.

NAFTA Lover said...

Hmm.. that's a great idea! Blindfolded NAFTA will be coming soon. Mark my words!