Tuesday, June 5, 2007

New Record!

A momentous day! Today is the day after the day that the new record was set in the prestigous event of Speed NAFTA.

Here at the NAFTA blog, we have been provided indisputable video evidence of two unknown NAFTA masters acheiving an unprecedented score of "21" in a 20 second round of Speed NAFTA.

Yes, you read that correctly.


I know.


That's more than 1 a second.

Seriously impressive.

The previous record was held by "Boy Wrestler" - who's suddenly pathetic score of 18 is now just a sad note in NAFTA history - a reminder of the humble beginnings from which this now proud sport once emerged.

That reminds me of the NAFTA creed:

"Remember where you came from. There's probably a game of NAFTA going on there and you don't want to miss it!"


Danielle said...

I've heard rumors in the NAFTA community that your official timekeeper may be boozing on the job (or just suffering from serious 'oh look, a pig picture' moments).

As such, I'll believe these crazy '21 in 20' claims when we get some video evidence.

Awaiting the official ruling...

Johnny said...

Official ruling: it's real and it's spectacular.

As for Koko - the official NAFTA timekeeper - he's been suspended for the rest of the season and was last seen hanging out with Dick Bavetta...and a kitten.