Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Welcome to the brand new NAFTA blog!

Hey there NAFTA fans. I am proud to say we now have our very own Nerf Action Football Throwing Activity blog! This is the official place to post NAFTA videos, high scores, photos, rule variations and anything else your little NAFTA-loving hearts desire.

For the uninitiated, here is a brief description of the game:


* 2 people
* 2 nerf-style footballs of different sizes
* An area where the players can stand at least 10 feet apart

WHAT YOU DO (how to play Speed Nafta):

* Get a timer and set it to 20 seconds
* Start the timer and go!
* The object of the game is to throw the footballs back and forth as many times as possible without dropping them.
* After 20 seconds, stop!
* Jot down your score - and remember, if there is no video evidence, your score is UNOFFICIAL!
* Get a video camera, do it again and post the video and score right here at

That's it!

But there's so much more... there's Endurance NAFTA, Criss-Cross NAFTA, more official rules, regulations and variations which will all be documented right here!

So get a friend, get some footballs and get ready to play the hottest summer sport around!

Welcome to!


Forest Bronzan said...
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Forest Bronzan said...

I am making the first comment ever on the official NAFTA blog. Truly an honor.

You have indeed served the NAFTA community well, and I look forward to continued blog posts and developments. Who knows; one day we may see an official NAFTA circuit, and inevitably an event in the Olympic Games.