Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Get the right kind of ball!

You wouldn't play baseball without a bat, tennis without a racket, golf without a club? Of course not! That's crazy talk!!

If you're going to play NAFTA, you have to have the right equipment, right?


So if you find yourself with a ball that looks like the sad monstrosity in the picture, you, my friend are in deep, deep trouble.

Go to the store, buy two new balls (of different sizes), get yourself a friend and get in the game!!!

And always remember the NAFTA Creed:

"NAFTA is Life and Life is Good."


Forest Bronzan said...

What a great photo... that looks like extreme NAFTA to me

Johnny said...

Forest, as extreme as it is and as much as we encourage others to innovate amid NAFTA's variations, there are certain rules that we must abide by. That ball does not fit regulation specs and as such, any activities involving it can not and will not be approved by the regulating bodies of NAFTA.

Thanks for illustrating this critical point, Evan - it needed to be brought to the public's attention.

Sorry to be so harsh - I simply want NAFTA to be enjoyed by all in a safe and regulated way.

Forest Bronzan said...

I do understand. If Kwame Brown brought a beach ball to the playoffs, I don't think the NBA would approve. In that case, NAFTA and the NBA are very similar; two authorities in sports that set rules to ensure optimal play.


Johnny said...

That's a stellar analogy, Forest - now get out there and enjoy ya sum NAFTA!